about us

Liu Niu Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Sino-Indian International Innovation Park, Volvo Road,Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone.Formerly known as Shenzhen Cloud Netcom Network Technology Co.,Ltd.,established in 2012,focusing on mobile Internet technology development and product operation.The company has more than 80 domestic top R&D engineers.In the 6 years since its establishment,our company has integrated its big data,cloud computing and PaaS+SaaS service model,based on its rich experience in the IT field and its keen perception of the modern market.We have also integrated portal cloud,business cloud,marketing cloud,management cloud and design cloud as a one-stop Internet intelligent operation service and industry solution,which meets the personalized and diversified needs of the Internet transition.We provide intelligent operation and management services at any time and on demand to help companies improve their operating efficiency,realize digital intelligent operations,build smart companies,and continue to create business value for customers.Currently,our company has successfully help more than 300 traditional enterprises to transform.

Liu Niu Technology provides high-end APP custom development, WeChat marketing system,high-quality website construction,cloud live broadcast system,artificial and intelligent voice interactive system and big data office system.Currently we’re involved in these areas:e-commerce,life service,smart tourism,mobile finance, telemedicine,handle realestate,mobile hotel,e-government,gaming and entertainment,e-magazines,etc.At present, the company has set up UI design center,APP R&D center,APP test center,customer service center and other department.With the aim of being “Practical,efficient, developing and innovative”,our company is committed to the high-tech field,gathering the elites in the industry,effectively combing domestic and foreign advanced management concepts and ideas,building a high-quality,high-level technical and management team,and establishing a good image in the industry that focused on technology and advocating management.Products have been widely used throughout the country and have been recognized and praised by users from all walks of life.

Liu Niu Technology Vision:to be China’s most powerful Internet solutions provider.

Liu Niu Technology Mission:to provide informationalized services and fulfill everyone’s Internet dream.

Liu Niu Technology Value:to enhance customer value,achieve company value and realize personal value.

Liu Niu Technology Slogan:good software designed by amazing guy is such “Liu”.Picking Liu Niu Technology to develop software is so good!